• Poynette's Casey Fountain

    2019 WFSCA Division 3 State Player of the Year
  • Cut Down trying to get to third from first on sacrifice bunt

    Poynette's special bunt coverage with a runner at first gets this Tomahawk runner out by this much
  • Whitnall's Haley Wynn

    Haley will be playing softball and getting an education at Ball State University in the fall.
  • Division 1 State Tournament crowd

  • Legal Push off and Drag

    This lefty clearly has clearly pushed herself off the pitcher's plate and has dragged the pivot foot behind her.
  • Legal Push off and Drag

    This righthander has pushed off the pitcher's plate and has legally dragged her pivot foot behind her.
  • High Leg stride

    This player has a high stride box lift and by the way, was a dynamic hitter in Wisconsin fastpitch annals - played at Turner
  • This is Clearly a Leap

    This righthander has clearly launched herself toward the catcher using a leap -- it's an illegal pitch.
  • Tomlinson's Ultimate Fungo

    A racket to replace your fungo bat or any bat used to hit fly balls, popups, rollers, bouncers and liners. Recommended by coaches who already have one. Note the new handle design for better grip and control. Contact Bob at for more information. $110 Plus shipping.