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The X-Celerator, as demonstrated in Stevens Point by Bob Tomlinson, Brian Franson and Tracy Compton-Davis is now available to the general public. This patent-pending device is sure to increase the power and speed of any pitcher who uses it in conjunction with a regular strength improvement routine. Used successfully by  High School pitchers who have all won state titles and threw in excess of 60 mph as well as men using it, The X-Celerator has proven to be a great tool in building power and speed. It comes with printed instructions.

To order The X-Celerator mail $80 (cost includes shipping and handling) to:
Bob Tomlinson
N4944 US Hwy 51
Poynette, WI 53955
Make checks payable to Bob Tomlinson


The X-Celerator builds power and speed for pitchers by providing resistance throughout their motion:

The beauty of The X-Celerator is the fact that the pitcher actually throws the ball to a catcher, off a wall etc. Unlike other strength improvement units that utilize surgical tubing, The X-Celerator works on "fast-twitch" muscle fiber instead of "slow-twitch" due to the fact that the ball is actually released. To increase velocity, a pitcher must increase the speed of their hand at release. That requires more "fast-twitch" work and that is where the X-Celerator comes in.

All parts used in manufacturing The X-Celerator are made in the U.S.A. and all units are assembled by the staff of The Fastpitch Chronicle. The wrist cuff features a soft liner that eliminates abrasion on the wrist and offers great comfort throughout the workout. The tubing is SCUBA grade tubing and is resistant to water and UV rays. The clip is a stainless steel caribiner with an internal grommet that allows the tubing to move freely through it.