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FPC Bulletin Volume 13, Number 8 - 4/11/13

04/11/2013, 1:15am CDT
By Bob Tomlinson

Fastpitch Bulletin

It's High and Tight!
Hello Again Fastpitch World,

I understand that WIAA softball umpire tournament assignments were doled out today. That's looking ahead! That's being postive.

One coach wondered today if the governing body might extend the season due to the inclement weather. My answer was that I highly doubt it. The governing body and the bodies that run it would have to extend every spring sport. I'm sure that contracts are in place for specific dates to be using the facilities for state tournaments.

Our infields are in great shape. There is no sogginess, spongyness or muddy spots. There are some puddles that can be scooped up and bailed out in very little time. The infields could be playable in less than a half hour by a couple of people working on them. Right now, on our fields, the issue is the outfield. The water just seems to be standing there waiting to get a chance to soak in. I'm sure the frost is out of the ground here but there is water just waiting to percolate into the rocky subsoil at our complex. On Monday of this week it took me about 20 minutes to remove 35 gallons of water from the varsity diamond. Seven, five-gallon buckets full of chocolate looking water. One half bag of diamond dry on four spots and the infield was ready to go. We had a JV game on it that afternoon. At the same time our JV infield required no buckets of water to be removed. Two one-gallon cans of diamond dry and that one was ready to go. We practiced on it that afternoon.

I spent a great deal of time today trying to clean up this website. It's a work in progress. I know it's not the most appealing website out there. However, for me, it's always been about the meat and potatoes and not fancy desserts. My goal is to give you information, to allow you to think about the game a bit, to get involved, to ask questions, to provide some services that are only available through this website. Check out the Certficates page. If there is not one there that meets your need on a given day or in a certain situation just get in touch with me and together we can create one.

I updated the Coaches Honor Roll page again today. Glenda Smith of Tigerton has been added to the State Tournament Appearances list with three and to the Conference Championships won with eight. I fixed the data for Hall of Fame Coach Jim Haines of Pepin as well as he won 12 conference titles in his tenure at Pepin.

Several coaches including ones from D.C. Everest and Tosa East forwarded the e-mail addresses of their assistant coaches today. That's really appreciated as we want to be able to communicate with all the coaches via the Bulletins and e-mails. Coaches who forward the assistant coaches information will be entered into a drawing in late May.

Here is a note sent from Northern Wisconsin.
Hey Bob, 
Just a note from up here in Northwest Wisconsin. This year we decided to go to only 2 conferences in the Lakeland Conference. We know have the East and West. Got rid of the Central Lakeland. Here are the teams in the East Lakeland Conference: Birchwood; Bruce; Clear Lake; Cornell; Flambeau; Lake Holcombe; New Auburn; 
Northwood; Winter
Teams in the West Lakeland include: Cameron; Clayton/Turtle Lake; Frederic/Luck; Grantsburg; St. Croix Falls; Shell Lake; Unity; Webster/Siren 

Since the first half of conference play will be wiped out because of weather for most teams, the Athletic Directors have decided that the first game played by each school is the conference game. If you would happen to be able to get a second game in it will be a non-conference game. What a year to expanded conferences. I think we all got roped into what we have been seeing over the last couple of years for our weather and figured we could get more games in. Not this year! This is more like the winters of the 1990's and not getting a game in until this time and maybe getting in 9 or 10 games in the year. I guess that is softball in the north.

As I don't think anyone has played a game north of Hwy 64. We got spared today as the blizzard did not hit. Might be able to get a game in next Thursday, if everything continues its slow dry. It sure seems like those gym walls keep on getting closer and closer every night that we are in there.

I've included a pre-season outlook on the two Divisions or conferences as well.
Take Care - Doug

Here is one coach's take on the races in the East and West Lakeland Conference. East Lakeland: Look for Northwood, Flambeau, and Cornell to be the top teams. They have a lot of players back including their top pitchers. For the West Lakeland, it will be Grantsburg picked as the top team, Shell Lake should give them a push and St. Croix Falls, Turtle Lake/Clayton and Cameron will be in a dog fight for second. They could give Grantsburg a little competition. Once tournament time rolls around watch out for Shell Lake who drops down to Division 4 after playing Division 2 and 3 teams in the conference..

I'm looking for more reports like this one from other conferences across the state.

Have a look around the website. If we ever get launched in partnership with all the information will be transferred over there. I haven't even come close to figuring out the web building platform therein though.

Take a look at the State Softball Records Page I have started just click here to see what I have. Send me ideas for more categories that you can think of and send me those numbers to post on the page. Don't get upset if a player is on the list and one that you are aware of has better stats in that category- just send me the information with a way to verify it (coach documenation, newspaper authentication etc.)

Keep it Rising! 

Salt Lake East Catcher Maya Johnson

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