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2024 WIAA Divisional Changes

08/02/2023, 3:00pm CDT
By Brent Erdmann

WIAA has released the 2024 Regional Groupings today, However a few weeks ago the school portal had a Division Breakdown and The page in reference can be located here, select 2023-2024 school year and Girls Softball for Sport, it can be broken down by multiple views as in Division, Enrollment, 50 Per page, etc. Looking at this and comparing to last year’s listing these are some Divisional Placement Changes as well as new co-op programs.

New Co Op Programs

The following Schools will be a new Co-op program For the 2024 Season.

Racine Park/Racine Horlick

West Allis Central/West Allis Hale

Madison East/Madison La Follette

Argyle/Black Hawk

Kenosha St Joseph/Kenosha Christian Life

Lake Country Lutheran/St Johns Northwestern

Dominican/Eastbrook Academy

Divisional Changes

The 2025 Season will be the 1st where the WIAA Competitive Balance Act will take effect. In Lump Sum The previous 3 seasons based on Tournament success will dictate Division Placement for the 2025 season, pending any appeal processes other WIAA bylaws or any schools desire to opt up a Division The Largest 112 schools are placed in D1, D2-D5 are split equally, on Average this comes out out to 77-79 schools a Division. Details on the Balance Act can be found here. Thanks to Travis Wilson and his staff at for the fine details of this plan and the potential changes on the Horizon.

Division 1 112 Schools

While no one will move down to D2 this year a few schools from Division 2 will find them selves either back in D1 or new to D1 in 2024. Previous Solo schools of Madison East, Madison La Follette, Racine Park, Racine Horlick, West Allis Central and West Allis Hale will remain in D1 as part of their new Co op Program. Wilmot Union, Baraboo, and Wisconsin Lutheran who competed In the D2 playoffs this year will be making the move to Division 1. Milwaukee South and Milwaukee Vincent have not opted in the playoffs or fielded a team last year are listed in Division 1. Enrollment ranges from 3,239 to 919.

Division 2 78 Schools

With the new co op programs in Division 1 and enrollment fluctuations the following changes will be seen in Division 2. Baraboo, Wilmot Union and Wisconsin Lutheran will move up to Division 1, Milwaukee Vincent was listed as Division 2 School however did not field a team and opted out by the time groupings were established. Somerset a 2023 Division 3 State Qualifier as well as 2022 State Qualifier in D3 Baldwin-Woodville will make the move back to Division 2 while Berlin, Campbellsport, Racine St. Catherine's, Platteville and Lakeside Lutheran will shift from Division 3 to Division 2. Amery, Big Foot, 2023 State Qualifier Turner and Xavier will make the move down to Division 3. The Largest school holds an enrollment of 909 while the smallest is 470.

Division 3 77 Schools

With Baldwin-Woodville, Berlin, Campbellsport, Lakeside Lutheran, Racine St Catherine's, Somerset, and Platteville making the move to Division 2 and Amery, Big Foot, Turner, and Xavier dropping down a division the following will be making a move up from Division 4. Darlington, Howards Grove, Kenosha St Joes/ Kenosha Christian Life, Oconto, Cameron, and Lake Country Lutheran/St Johns Northwestern. The Following schools who competed at the Division 3 Level last year are moving to Division 4, Gillett/Suring, Belleville, Cambridge, and Parkview. 468 to 280 is the Division 3 Enrollment range.

Division 4 77 Schools

With the Previous D4 schools of Cameron, Oconto, Howards Grove, and the Kenosha St Joseph/Christian Life co op moving up to D3 the following schools are new to Division 4 for the 2024 season. Belleville, Cambridge, Parkview, Gillett/Suring, Independence/Gilmanton, 2023 D5 Qualifier McDonnell Central Catholic, Three Lakes/Phelps, Argyle/Black Hawk, Eleva-Strum, Hurley, and Washburn. Washburn did not field a team in 2023. The following previous D4 schools are placed in Division 5, Clear Lake, Cochrane- Fountain City, Hilbert (Disbanded co-op from Stockbridge), River Ridge and Potosi/Cassville. The Highest Enrollment for Division 4 is 279 with the lowest being 182.

Division 5 79 Schools

With the loss of 4 schools to D4 and a new co-op program, D5 will have these new programs. White Lake, New Auburn, Bruce. These schools either did not field a team or opted out of the WIAA Playoffs a season ago. Clear Lake, Hilbert, Potosi/Cassville, River Ridge and Cochrane Fountain City are the new arrivals.

Stay Tuned for a in depth breakdown of Grouping changes released today.

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