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The Fastpitch Bulletin, Volume 22, Number 1 3/21/24

02/24/2023, 2:00pm CST
By Publisher

Contact to add coaches or numbers to the Lists

Hello Fastpitch Fans,

Today and this evening we have been updating the Coaches Honor Lists on the Fastpitch Chronicle website. Take a look at the lists and if you are a coach that should have your name and numbers added just contact us at or if you know of a coach whose information should be on the lists send that information to us.

Of course all the lists are unofficial but they are pretty accurate. We do not check out the numbers when they are reported to us. We just add the names and their numbers. 

We are also going to add another list which will be for collegiate coaches of Wisconsin who of course can also be members of the WFSCA.

The season is just around the corner. 

If you go to the High School tab on this website and click on 
Coaches HR you will find the lists which include the number of career varsity wins (note that programs with Co-Head coaches each coach can be credited with the victory for this list), the number of conference championships won, the number of trips to the state tournament (WISAA can be included of course), the number of state championships won with WISAA so noted, the number of runner-up finishes, and the number of Final Four appearances.

As your scroll through the lists you will note that many of the coaches have a link attached to their names on most of the lists. The links take you to that coaches WFSCA Hall of Fame Profile on the WFSCA website, We are trying to create a link for all those coaches each time they appear on the lists. We might miss a few as many of those coaches appear often on the lists. We will make sure each has at least one link to get started and will continue to update the entire set of lists. The Hall of Fame profile for all the HOF coaches is a black and white facsimile of the plaque the coaches are awarded at their HOF induction gathering. It's a great idea to do it that way instead of just a written biography.

As you browse and scroll through the lists you will note that many of the names include a link. If clicked on the link takes you to that coaches WFSCA Hall of Fame profile on the website. That site contains the entire Hall of Fame inductees according to the year they were inducted beginning with the first group in 2009. This year's group included Jane Briehl who has coaches at Potosi and now River Valley, Todd Felch who started his career at Wausau East and then on to Mosinee, Bill Greskiw who coached at Burlington Catholic Central and Gilman head coach Brian Phelps

To find the complete roster of WFSCA Hall of Fame Inductees go to the coaches association website at and click on the Events Tab then scroll down to Hall of Fame and click on that. The complete roster will pop up on your screen. 

Have a great day and an even greater tomorrow.

Keep it Rising!


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