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The Fastpitch Bulletin, Volume 21, Number 26 -- June 16, 2022

06/16/2022, 8:00am CDT
By Bob Tomlinson

Hello Fastpitch Enthusiasts,

Today's bulletin is about the important role the Wisconsin Fastpitch Coaches Association plays in promoting the game, sponsoring post-season awards and programs such as the All Star games, the annual coaching clinic and more.

The WFSCA is the driving force for the sport of high school girls' softball in the state. Originally organized in the the late 1980s and early 1990s the WFSCA has been influential in many of the key changes in the way the game is administered in the state. The WFSCA annual clinic is one of the top Coaches Association clinics in the country, bringing in several great presenters each year. 

When it comes to post-season recognition, the WFSCA is the sponsor for the all-district awards,  all-state awards, academic all-state and more. Those awards have a cost which are absorbed by the organization. It takes membership numbers to be able to cover all the costs of running the organization. The WIAA has approximately 425 member schools that sponsor softball. The WFSCA membership list of head coaches is not the same number. 

All to often there are players who do not get any post-season recognition beyond what the conference does. If the head coach is not a member of the WFSCA the players from that school are not eligible for the various recognition programs the association sponsors such as Academic All State, All District recognition, All State recognition or Player of the Year.

It has always been hard to get media coverage for high school softball. It was getting better as time went on but the times we are in now are much different. There aren't enough people to cover the game the way many of us think it should get covered. Sports section reporters find themselves covering more and more schools because of the number of newspapers owned by the company printing them. 

The WFSCA sends out reminders regularly to coaches surrounding membership, deadlines to nominate players for the all star games, submit a nomination for all district recognition and beyond that to all state recognition. 

Encourage the coach at the school you cheer for to join the WFSCA each year. When more coaches join there will be more opportunities for players to receive post-season recognition.

Have a great day!
Keep it Rising!



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