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Some Pitching velocities from the First Day of the State Tournament

06/10/2022, 8:15am CDT
By Bob Tomlinson

When people gather at a ball yard most want to know how fast the pitchers are throwing.

I acquired my first radar gun in 1989 at the ISC World Tournament in Kimberly. There I saw speeds from the fastest men in the world that were in the mid 80s to as high as 88 mph (by three separate pitchers).

Yesterday at the state tournament, using my $200 Pocket Radar device I saw the fastest pitches ever at the WIAA state tournament. Those pitches were 70 mph by Paytn Monticelli of Cedarburg. Most of her offerings to the Superior hitters were in the 66-68 range with quite a few that were 69. Not to my surprise, the 70 mph offerings were not strikes but instead were low inside pitches. It makes sense when you think about it. Once a pitcher gets past "brush-trigger) then the hand starts to decelerate very quickly. Two of the 69 mph offerings were deposited at the warning track.

Here are the top velocities from the other pitchers I used the pocket radar on. I did not get to the Sun Prairie vs Milton game however.

Riley Grudzielanek of Oak Creek topped out at 66 mph
Mya Schneider of Hamilton was at 56 mph
Haley Dwyer of Hamilton was at 57 mph
Skyler Calmes of Kaukauna had a couple of 61 mph offerings
Karly  Meredith offered many pitches at 67 mph
Brianna Bouge of Oshkosh West cruised along at 58 
Monticelli at 68-70
Haley Zembow of Superior topped out at 62 mph with a 50-54 mph changeup that was a lifter
Whitney Myers of Grantsburg was 56 mph
The Luther pitchers were at 50-52 and 55 mph

I headed home during the Grantsburg victory so I did not aim the Pocket Radar at the pitchers for the night's final two games but watching on my computer gave me a good idea of where those pitchers fall on the velocity scale.

More information from today will be reported tonight



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