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Today We've Seen Even More

03/16/2020, 9:15am CDT
By Bob Tomlinson

WIAA expands on Governor's edict -- suspends all spring sports effecive yesterday

There is a plan in place.

I had been anxiously awaiting a directive coming out of Stevens Point all weekend. I feared for the worst yet at the same trusted that calm minds would not react abruptly. They did not. I saw it last night on a Facebook post. By now you know the directive. If not the WIAA directive is farther down in this commentary -- read it there.

The question that is really scary for all of us should be  -- Will everyone follow the plan?

The plan from the CDC is one to slow the spread and ultimately rid us of COVID-19. Unfortunately the “This won’t happen to me” mentality I fear will win out and the virus will continue to spread. I see it and hear about it. Every place and everything that has been shutdown will continue to be so. Sports seasons, concerts, parades, just everything. Those that still have a chance will lose it.

My last commentary was about the distinction between Hope and Faith. Hope truly is not a plan.

In order to have faith in anything there has to be something to be faithful about. Those of us who have lost much, including the possibility of not being able to coach a sport, play a sport, watch a sport or just hear about sports will experience the same level of disappointment that our basketball coaching colleagues, players, parents, fans just did. If people do not give the plan a chance to work, there will  be no high school softball in 2020. The five schools that won state titles last June at Goodman Diamond will reign for another year, the first ever to be two-year state champions without ever playing a game in 2020. Even the coaches, players and fans of those five schools will tell you to a person that defending their title in 2020 is what they were looking forward to. At least 417 other softball coaches and all their players will tell you that their plan was to upend the run of those five that are defending champions. That’s the way it ought to be. It should be hard!

Unlike the NCAA and other organizations, the WIAA did not cancel the entire season -- yet. However, all it will take is for citizens circumventing the plan and the axe will fall -- hard.

It’s a frustrating, disappointing and very sad time. Yesterday on my hike out to the trout stream that flows through our property I encountered the father and son whose property borders ours. They are the father and brother of our WFSCA Division 3 state player of the year. We kept our distance. As a matter of fact they stayed inside their UTV while I stood more than six feet away. I again learned from Mike and Ryan what I already knew. Casey and her teammates are really bummed. “Casey lives for the high school softball season,” was one of Mike’s comments. 

We are all bummed. Many are holding out hope. I’m trying hard to keep the faith. I’m trying hard but struggling to believe that millions of people in this country will actuallyk follow the plan. That causes me to keep on experiencing deep sighs as my lungs release all the oxygen in them out of  frustration. 

Here is the press release from the WIAA. Please read it. I will keep the faith that nobody reads between the lines. 

Governor’s Executive Order Suspends Spring Sports Seasons


STEVENS POINT, Wis. – Gov. Tony Evers’ executive order issued Friday, March 13, 2020, closes all public and private schools, and suspends all school spring sports activities extending from Wednesday, March 18, 2020, until Monday, April 6, 2020.

The executive order is in response to the information available regarding COVID-19 and to prevent, suppress and control the disease.

The WIAA has updated its athletic participation limitations to adhere to the executive order as stated on the WIAA’s Infectious Disease option on the Health webpage.

Consistent with Gov. Evers’ announcement Friday, all school training, practices, scrimmages and contests are suspended. In addition, schools and coaches may not bring students together or be involved with students during this time period for any extracurricular or athletic purposes, which includes practices and other instructional/organizational purposes.

Coaches may provide individual workouts virtually, but shall not encourage or organize their team assembling to practice.

Read the executive order:

Let’s keep it Rising.


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