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The Fastpitch Bulletin, Volume 20, Number 8 for 2/19/20

02/19/2020, 9:15pm CST
By Bob Tomlinson

Back, Back, Back, Back -- It's Gone!

Hello Fastpitch Folks,

It's February 19th. The first official day of WIAA softball is just 26 days from now. 

2020 Capitol Area Fastpitch League Update
The Capitol Area Summer Fastpitch League that plays Wednesday nights has expanded in the total number of teams for 2020. The league is a female fastpitch league with no age restrictions, young or older. Last year the Poynette 14-U team played in the league and held their own against all the other teams. On some teams there were alumni players having a good time. It's a great league to get females from your community/area playing fastpitch.  It's a travel league in that some weeks a team travels to another town while on other weeks a team travel's to their town. The league will open on June 10th and go for nine weeks through August 5th. There are no league fees. The home team must provide a home plate umpire that is licensed by any one of several softball organizations such as WIAA, ASA/USA Softball, USSSA or NSA or any other bonafide outfit. If the home team wants to use two umpires they may but it is not required. The home team must also provide game balls for the night. The visiting team does not incur any expenses for being on the road. Most teams will see 5 home and 5 travel nights. some by be 6-4 or 4-6. There are no league standings kept so there are no trophies, medals or awards. Scores are not recorded nor kept. Players do not have to be in uniforms. NFHS rules are used with some special league rules. For more information just email Bob at For years the league was on Thursday nights but the advent of travel teams saw many local players leaving town and not available for their hometown teams and games were getting cancelled due to lack of players. We moved the league to Wednesday nights in 2018 and we eliminated that issue. 

Thanks to Duke O'Keefe-Boettcher of Milwaukee King for sending his team's pre-season preview in already. You can read his preview on this website in today's other headline news. Just go to the home page and look for that headline. 

Lakeland Conference Preview from 2013 - an example of the type of content we are looking for 
Here is a conference preview from a Bulletin back in 2013. Take a look at that. I'd welcome conference previews from anyone who wants to tackle them. I do not have time to contact people and do those kinds of things. 

From 2013
Here is one coach's take on the races in the East and West Lakeland Conference. East Lakeland: Look for Northwood, Flambeau, and Cornell to be the top teams. They have a lot of players back including their top pitchers. For the West Lakeland, it will be Grantsburg picked as the top team, Shell Lake should give them a push and St. Croix Falls, Turtle Lake/Clayton and Cameron will be in a dog fight for second. They could give Grantsburg a little competition. Once tournament time rolls around watch out for Shell Lake who drops down to Division 4 after playing Division 2 and 3 teams in the conference..

I'm looking for more reports like this one from other conferences across the state. 

Here is a scenario for you to sort out. This play happened about five years ago in a game I was watching but not coaching in.

With runners of first and second base and one out the batter hits a high, deep blast into right centerfield gap. Both outfielders are giving chase and it appears that the rightfielder might have a chance. The runners had taken off on contact they way they had been taught. The batter of course is smoking her way to first base with her thoughts center around a triple. The lead about the time the runner at second was about 10 feet from second the ball bounced on the warning track so she rounded and as she made the mistake of turning to see what was happening at the warning track crashed into the shortstop who was just outside the bag at second. After touching second, the collision occurred and suddenly both the shortstop and the runner who had been at first were on the ground. The batter in her excitement, didn't see the two players on the ground in time as she rounded second and headed for third thus passing the trail runner. when the play was over the lead runner had scored, the trail runner was injured and still lying on the ground just past second. The shortstop was on her feet looking dumbfounded. The batter was standing on third base. During the play the field umpire had moved into the outfield toward the play at the warning track. The plate ump astutely had watched the runners and had seen the collision and stuck his right arm to the side indicating delayed dead ball. 

What should have been the result of the play described above? 
Answer can be found in the rules book on Page 73 in rule 8-8-17. If you don't have a rules book you will have to keep watching for the next Bulletin. In that issue I will explain the heated discussion that followed  the ruling that was rendered after the above play was over. 

Throughout the years people have contacted me with questions about rules and situations. I can normally get them the correct answer but when in doubt I always contact John Peterson as he is the umpire liaison for the WIAA and served on the National Federation's National Softball Rules Committee representing the section of the country that includes Wisconsin. 

That's it for tonight!
Have a great day and as always,
Keep it Rising!







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