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Coaching Changes abound across Badger State

02/05/2020, 10:15am CST
By Bob Tomlinson

Megan Rogemann is now the Head Coach at Cuba City High School

Year in and year out I try to compile a new list of head coaches and their emails at every school that offers fastpitch softball as a sport. It's a long and tedious job to get the list compiled. This winter I spent more than 20 hours working on the list. 

Issues that arise while attempting to keep an accurate list include:
1) When using the WIAA School Directory online many schools do not even have softball listed on the list of sports offered at that school. Thus there is not a head coach listed either. When that happens I email the the athletic director at that school and also the athletic secretaries if they have emails listed. Normally I get a quick return from the AD office. That all takes time.

2) The number of head coaching changes from year to year is enormous compared to most of the sports sponsored by the WIAA. Many of those changes occur during the school year when a current coach resigns etc. The AD does not get the new coach information updated with the WIAA office and I then send an email to a person who is no longer the coach. Some of the former coaches email back and inform me that they are no longer the coach and most of those people want to be taken off my list. Some even tell me, "I'm no longer coaching and am not interested in softball anymore" or "my daughter graduated so I resigned and no longer want to receive fastpitch news." When that happens I must contact the AD office and request an updated head coach's name and email address.

My current database of head coaches and their emails is not and will not be complete this season either. Some people simply tell me, "I do not have time to read the bulletins and stuff like that" or "I'm just interested in our team."

I get that. However there is another side to those attitudes. The biggest down side to it is simply -- the players from schools where such an attitude exists often times never get nominated for WFSCA post season awards or all star games. That's a shame! 

I've been on the all district selection committee since the WFSCA was founded. Each year proves what I said above. Deserving players who do not get nominated for WFSCA sponsored awards. 

The purpose of the bulletins posted on and frankly everything on the site is simply to inform coaches, players and the fastpitch world. 

Head Coaches ought to watch their inboxes for updates from the WFSCA as well as The Fastpitch Chronicle/Wissports prior to, during and after the high school season is completed. If you are a head coach and have not received the first update from me just email to me and I make sure my list is updated and that you get the information.

By the way -- the Annual WFSCA Coaching Clinic/Convention is this weekend. I will be at Chula Vista Friday night. Check out the bar and lounge where you can meet people who share your passion for one of the greatest sports the world has to offer.


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