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In Search of Seven Inning No Hitters and Perfect Games

04/10/2019, 6:30pm CDT
By Bob Tomlinson

They are hard to find so far this season

The list of no-hitters thrown so far this season is an interesting one to take note of.

In all reality is a no-hitter that occurs during a game where the visitors do no bat in the seventh inning really something to get that excited about?

When softball opened up the possibility of games that ended after three innings should we really have been giving credit to pitchers for no-hitters? Should they really be awarded awards for no-hitters that do not see at least one team bat in the seventh inning?

In looking at the list of 15 no-hitters and perfect games on the site so far this season we see that 14 of those reported therein were either three, four, five or six innings in length. Only one, Delany Vetter, Mayville: in a game played on April 2nd  vs. Oakfield; Vetter tallied 15 strikeouts and walked three in the 4-0 win. She also hit a solo home run in the victory. 

At the Fastpitch Chronicle we have always listed five-inning no-hitters but have not issued No-Hitter Award certificates. We've never listed a three-inning no-hitter or perfect game. Only 7-inning or longer no hitters and perfect games qualify. If a pitcher does record a no-hitter or perfect game that meets the seven-inning criteria the Fastpitch Chronicle Award Certificate is available. 

Don't get me wrong. The game is all about great pitching. Many a no-hitter has been lost with the leadoff batter of a game only to see that pitcher allow no more hits for the rest of the game. 


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