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Situations for Scorekeepers to figure out

03/12/2019, 10:30pm CDT
By Bob Tomlinson

Here are some situations and scoring scenarios for you. The bolded parts are the situations and the non-bolded part with the lines under them are the questions to think about when scoring a game of fastpitch softball.

With one out a batter draws a base on balls and goes to first base.  She moves to second when the catcher is charged with a passed ball. She then moves to third on yet another passed ball. The next batter hits a ground ball to the second sacker who throws to first for the second out and the runner scores on the play. The next batter strikes out to end the inning.

Does the official scorekeeper charge the pitcher with an earned run in this scenario?

With two outs the batter reaches first on a single to center. The next batter hits a two-run home run.

Does the official scorekeeper charge the pitcher with 1) one earned run 2) two earned runs or 3) no earned runs?

With a runner at first base that runner takes off on an attempted steal of second base.  The throw to second by the catcher was there in plenty of time to get that would-be base stealer out but it is high and goes over the head and into centerfield where the outfielder stops it and limits the base stealer to just second base.

Is the catcher charged with an error due to the high throw when a good throw surely would have retired the runner?

With runners at one and three (on the corners) the coach gives the runner at one the steal sign. The defensive team chooses to not make a play on the girl going to second base. There is no throw.

Does that runner get credited with a stolen base?

With runners on first and second base the coach gives the runners the steal sign, thus a double steal. On the play the catcher a) throws the runner trying to make it to third out or b) throws the runner out going to second.

Does the official scorekeeper credit the runner who was not played on with a stolen base?

With a runner at second she takes off on a steal attempt of third. She beats the throw but over slides the base and is tagged out after having touched the bag safely on her steal attempt. She’s out - of course .

Does the official scorekeeper credit the baserunner with a stolen base in this situation?

Team A is in the field leading by 8 in the last inning with two outs and nobody aboard. The batter, a fleet-footed slapper reaches first on a slow roller.  The runner has had a tremendous season and has amassed enough stolen bases  in order to tie for her school and conference record . Team B’s coach knows that the record is in reach. The fleet footed runner is going to attempt to advance to second and break the record. Before the pitch is thrown Team A’s coach yells, “If she steals just let her go.”

Does the official scorekeeper credit the baserunner with a stolen base?

A batter hits a ball into the gap in right-center field. She hits second and heads for third where she slides in safely but over slides the base.

Does the official scorekeeper credit the batter with a triple or a double?

During a rundown between third and home a total of five throws are made to retire the baserunner. The catcher made two of those throws, the third sacker made two and the shortstop made one.

How many assists are credited in this scenario and to whom?

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