• Greg Lampe Field - Oak Creek

    The Oak Creek School District recently honored former Head Coach and WFSCA Hall of Fame Member Greg Lampe by naming the varsity playing field "Greg Lampe Field"
  • Allison Tomlinson after a rundown

    When Allison Tomlinson of Poynette slid safely at the plate in a rundown she took most of the righthanded batter's box chalk home with her in more ways than one -- to to home plate and to the home washing machine.
  • Great Form just before contact

    Ashley Weimann of Sheboygan South is about clobber this Sheboygan North offering on 4/25/17
  • 2017 Third Day of Practice

    The Poynette Pumas were on their diamond for a 90 minute practice today, March 15, 2017. A great practice!
  • Action at the bag at second -This runner was called out!

    Poynette's Mya Knuteson slides into second in a game at Columbus - Photo by Brenda Brookins
  • Tomlinson's Ultimate Fungo

    A racket to replace your fungo bat or any bat used to hit fly balls, popups, rollers, bouncers and liners. Recommended by coaches who already have one. Note the new handle design for better grip and control. Contact Bob at for more information. $110 Plus shipping.